Thursday, September 20, 2012

The iPhone 5 is here!

All you need to know:

112 grams
18% lighter than the 4S (slim)
Made entirely of glass and aluminium
4 inches display
New display has 44% more colour saturation
"The most accurate display in the industry" - important for photographers!
Ultrafast wireless and LTE connection, up to 150mbps
HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA are built in
Apple A6 chip - 2x faster CPU, 22% smaller
"It's full console quality on the iPhone"

Longer Battery life
8MP camera, 25% smaller
Better low light mode camera
40% faster image capture
Panorama - for capturing widwscreen pictures
Front-face camera: now 720p (like on a Mac)

Three microphones - front, bottom, back
Voice calls to sound more natural

Touted as LIGHTNING - 80% smaller connector, all digital, reversible (slim and sexy)

For old docks: "we're creating a bunch of accessories to help you with that."

iOS 6
Better maps!
iCloud tabs - share tabs from your desktop to your iPhone
Mail - marking people as VIP.. emails received from them will go to a separate inbox
Photo Stream - just a few taps you can share photo with friends
A more intelligent Siri
Siri can now book restaurants reservations, post to facebook or twitter etc.
Available in black and white
Same price as the iPhone4s. $199 for 16Gb, $299 for 32Gb, $399 for 64Gb - on-contact pricing with telco networks.
In the US, available on September 19, pre-orders on the 14th.

the competition: