Friday, October 28, 2011

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Tablet PC

There are lots of choices available in the world of tablets and it is best to consider all of your options. Here are the top 5 things to think about before buying a tablet.

How big do you want your tablet to be? There are many screen sizes available with 10 and 7 inches being the normal sizes. The screen size isn't the only dimension you need to think about, tablets vary in weight and thickness as well so be sure to check the physical attributes of any tablets before you buy.

The tablet market is still young, but even so there are already many major operating systems available for tablets than there are in our home computers. The main ones are Google Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry tablet OS, HP webOS and of course Microsoft Windows7. Each one offers a different user interface and compatability with many different application programs. So be sure to look into each one to see which will best suit your needs.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Smart things to consider in choosing the best Smartphone

It’s that time again when you realize that you have to upgrade your mobile phone but you don’t know which one to choose from among the hundreds of mobile phones out there.

Here are some ideas on choosing which phone is best suited for you.

The most important thing to consider in upgrading is how much you can afford to spent. In most cases you are going to be signing in a two year deal. So remember a free phone might seem tempting but if it cost 40$ a month that’s almost a thousand dollars over the period of the contract. You might also want to think about saving up and buying the phone outright and get a super cheap sim-only deal. It will save you a huge amount of cash overtime and you can have the freedom to upgrade whenever you want.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Here Comes The Ice Cream Sandwich

Google is about to launch a new Operating System to unify both tablet and mobile phone. This is the Ice Cream Sandwich. Google packed in tons of new features to keep Android on top of the smartphone market.

Ice Cream Sandwich  will be unveiled by Google at an event in Hong Kong in the 19th of October. It will probably be seen in the market along with the Google Nexus Prime in early November. The additional features of the new Operating System are pretty much exciting. Things like the phone or tablet acting as a USB hub so that you can hook up devices such as keyboards, mouse and even game controllers. A 3D headtracking for easy video calling with the front camera and a toll to let you know how much data each application is using.
Google wants this OS to run everywhere so it will have to support the specifications for a number of devices. However, expect multitasking tools for all smartphones to make it easier to manage your system resources and an expandable home screen widgets too.

Google has promised that new updates to its Operating System will be available to handsets for the first 18 months so its more likely that the top-of-the-line smartphones will be able to benefit from the new OS. This will hopefully end the fragmentation that has played android users since its launch and bring in a more unified approach from Google.

Friday, October 14, 2011

4Rs why to buy a 4S

I have read and watched many reviews regarding the latest smartphone from Apple - the iPhone4S.
And i find some very unique features in this phone that makes me wanna get one.

1. The Performance

It has the identical A5, dual core processor found in each of the latest tablets released by Apple.                 The iPhone 4S is twice as fast than its predecessor. Its graphics processor also got upgraded. The brand-new GPU is 7 times faster than the microchip inside the iPhone 4. This advancement will be most detectable in resource intensive applications and particularly in games. Anticipate for developers to begin utilising the A5 to create games with practically enhanced graphics and higher details. You may not experience any difference in normal games but it will come out in impressive result once you're playing High Definition games.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rest In Peace Steve Jobs..

As affirmed on Apple's web site, Mr. Steve Jobs has passed away at the age of 56 after recently resigning from the spot as chief executive officer and appointing Tim Cook his replacement. Mr. Jobs delivered a significant effect with the world of technology, both at Apple and through with his numerous extra endeavors. Our sentiments go out to his family.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Apple reveals the iPhone4S

the iPhone4S available in black & white
Apple gives birth to the next degree of smartphone with the launching of the iPhone 4S, loaded up with bundles of applications and lots of brand-new features. It has the latest A5 processor that is a Dual Core processor which provides graphics functioning capable of 7 times quicker than the it's predecessor --iPhone4's single-core A4 processor, and C.P.U. performance doubly as fast. The iPhone 4S holds the identical 3.5-inch 960-by-640 Retina display as with iPhone4, Gorilla glass on front and back for scratchproofing, and stainless steel banding. The iPhone4S camera improvesup to  8 megapixels, that is 60% pixels more than than that of  iPhone 4. Some other feature is its Noise Cancellation technology that provides a crystal clear voice transmission across very good networks. The iPhone4S is geared up for 3G networks and gets an easy connectivity picks for Wi-Fi hot spot, GPRS and EDGE.The improved features of the iPhone4S does not add up to the expense of the battery lifespan. Users will be able to expect 8 hrs of talk time with 3G, 14hrs on 2G, 6hrs of browsing in 3G, 9hrs of browsing on Wi-Fi, 10hrs of video playback, and 40hrs of music.