Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hacker: Developed a Siri Proxy Server to Add Applications Easily

You may have heard about the news that Applidium can crack Siri’s security so that you may be able to port Siri on any non-iPhone 4S device, that well includes Android powered devices. This hack also grants developers to create their own functionality and include Siri within it.

Cheers to Applidium, a hacker gave rise to a proxy server for Siri and called it Siri Proxy (thru iPhoneHacks). He states that the idea behind the server is to make it simple for developers to add up unlimited functions or applications to Siri.

The cyberpunk, called "plamoni" on Twitter, brought out the source code of the Siri Proxy including the directions on how to set it up on the coding web site GitHub.

Furthermore, he demoed a plugin he made with customized handles that permits him to operate his thermostat by his iPhone. Instructions so much as ”What’s the condition of the thermostat?”, “Adjust the thermostat to 68 degrees”, or “What’s the inner temperature?” as shown in the video.

Take note that this hack does not require a jailbroken device and also this will not allow you to port Siri on any other devices. It only allows you to add your personal functions to Siri.

via pandaapp

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Unfortunately, iOS 5.0.2 is NOT Coming This Week

Unfortunately, iOS 5.0.2 is NOT Coming This Week Due To Memory Leak Issues

Macerkopf, the blogsite that laid claim that the iOS 5.0.2 update will  be released this week, has taken back what they have said earlier. The cause: Apple is repairing some other big bug - memory leaks, and Macerkopf bade no ETA, either.
The site tells that though the issues regarding the battery has been cleared up, there are current problems regarding memory leaks which demand a bit more scrutiny, so instead of releasing iOS 5.0.3 instantly after, Apple has plainly resolved to expend a bit time and clear the whole major issues.

The battery issues have not affected as many people as compared to the iPhone 4′s antenna problems, and only impacts some configurations likely a defining factor in in the time lag. A few have described a decline in quality of approximately 10% per hour, and though as smartphone users we have been accustomed to the high charge consumption, this brings it to a whole new level.

Apple was kinda blamed in rushing to release iOS 5.0.1, which did not fixate the main battery issue but simply brought a few bugs. In any case, it is nice to see a more complete firmware.

iOS 5.0.2 :To Finally Fix Battery issues?

We realize that the iOS 5.0.1 isn't the solution for bugs, it just added a few new issues, leaving iPhone 4S users baffled.

According to a German blog Macerkopf, someone working in Apple’s iOS section disclosed to them that the battery issues has been totally solved, allowing for iPhone 4S users to savour the stated-in-manual 40 hrs of standby and 10 hrs of usage.

The blog as well claims that the update will be brought out no later than this week, so those of you who are still going through fast battery depletion, it appears you have just a few days to hold back. After the latest bungled ‘repair’, I guess we will wait for the release and end-user response before we announce it as ‘job-well-done’, though.

On the brightside, iOS 5.1 – which does not still give an ETA,  do hold a few exciting rumoured feature  the principal comprising of improvements to Siri. The voice identification software can acknowledge quite a couple more of commands than the fairly wide catalog it is already able of, so much as taking images and video recording, and the ability to initiate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection.

It is significant to think of that the takes are just rumour, so once more, do not go pouring for the champagne. However, it keys an thrilling picture for the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 integrating, as whenever Apple projects to go on releasing updates for Siri every few months granting it to do a lot, the feedbacks are more likely to hasten up the advancement.

Friday, November 4, 2011

What we want to see in the iPad3

     The Apple iPad 3 has not been formally announced to be released and yet it is already one of the most desired gadgets around. After the success of the iPad 2 you might be thinking that it's gonna be a tough task to improve on the current iPad, and yet there are some things that we think that we would really like to see in the upcoming iPad 3.

Improved Display:
     The Retina Display that we saw in the iPhone4 is truly stunning, and although we can't predict if the next iPad is gonna have the same pixel density as the phone screen we are hoping for a big boost in the iPad3.
Less Shiny:
     A second improvement in the screen is that for apple to make it a little less shiny. In some conditions, the iPad can be more useful as a mirror than a screen. Although the company appears to have a bit of a fetish for polished finishes, we would like to see a less shiny display.

SD Card Slot:
     Considering how wonderful the iPad is in displaying photos, it seems to have a bit of a shame that it has no capability to slot in an SD card to make it easier to get them into the tablet. Obviously, having an SD card slot would boost the amount of memory we have and take to another step to as being a post PC device. 
     Thunderbolt is a new port found in Macbook Pros and brings a massive step in terms of high speed data transfers. It will be great to see the proprietary connector morph into a thunderbolt port. Although Apple would be reluctant to lose the income they generate from the licenses related to the dock connector.

Air Activation:
     Lastly we would like to cut the cords to our computers once and for all and have over-the-air activation. we would love for our iPad 3 to be a completely stand-alone device that we only plug into our computer out of choice and not as a necessity.

images from Google