Friday, December 9, 2011

Apple: The Top Games And Apps Of 2011

Apple officially announced the yearly iTunes pick of the best apps and games of 2011. Listed below are the winners and the must have apps of the year:

for iPhone

Top Paid iPhone Apps:

1. Angry Birds
2. Fruit Ninja
3. Angry Birds Seasons
4. Cut the Rope
5. Tiny Wings
6. Angry Birds Rio
7. Words With Friends
8. Camera+
9. Doodle Jump
10. Plants vs. Zombies

Top Free iPhone Apps:

1. Facebook
2. Pandora Radio
3. Words with Friends Free
4. Angry Birds Free
5. Skype
6. Netflix
7. Angry Birds Rio Free
8. Groupon
9. Fruit Ninja Lite
10. Twitter

Thursday, December 1, 2011

iOS 5.1 Beta: Released for Developers

Apple has recently released iOS 5.1 Beta for developers, plus a glimpse of Xcode 4.3 for the iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone. Even so,  the firmware does not associate with the poor battery performance and issues regarding Wi-Fi.

The iOS 5.1 build up is 9B5117b and the Xcode 4.3 is 4D1002. As per Apple's update, the 5.1 SDK is to produce a code that is affiliated these issues, which includes Movie Player, Music Player, Newsstand, iCloud Storage and a few problems with Security. Again, it does not include the wretched battery performance and Wi-Fi issues.

According to iDownloadblog, you may not be able to downgrade once you have upgraded, therefore jailbreakers must keep this in mind. This time Apple skipped over iOS 5.0.2 and went directly to 5.1

At any rate here is the detail of the iOS 5.1 for developers read more

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hacker: Developed a Siri Proxy Server to Add Applications Easily

You may have heard about the news that Applidium can crack Siri’s security so that you may be able to port Siri on any non-iPhone 4S device, that well includes Android powered devices. This hack also grants developers to create their own functionality and include Siri within it.

Cheers to Applidium, a hacker gave rise to a proxy server for Siri and called it Siri Proxy (thru iPhoneHacks). He states that the idea behind the server is to make it simple for developers to add up unlimited functions or applications to Siri.

The cyberpunk, called "plamoni" on Twitter, brought out the source code of the Siri Proxy including the directions on how to set it up on the coding web site GitHub.

Furthermore, he demoed a plugin he made with customized handles that permits him to operate his thermostat by his iPhone. Instructions so much as ”What’s the condition of the thermostat?”, “Adjust the thermostat to 68 degrees”, or “What’s the inner temperature?” as shown in the video.

Take note that this hack does not require a jailbroken device and also this will not allow you to port Siri on any other devices. It only allows you to add your personal functions to Siri.

via pandaapp

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Unfortunately, iOS 5.0.2 is NOT Coming This Week

Unfortunately, iOS 5.0.2 is NOT Coming This Week Due To Memory Leak Issues

Macerkopf, the blogsite that laid claim that the iOS 5.0.2 update will  be released this week, has taken back what they have said earlier. The cause: Apple is repairing some other big bug - memory leaks, and Macerkopf bade no ETA, either.
The site tells that though the issues regarding the battery has been cleared up, there are current problems regarding memory leaks which demand a bit more scrutiny, so instead of releasing iOS 5.0.3 instantly after, Apple has plainly resolved to expend a bit time and clear the whole major issues.

The battery issues have not affected as many people as compared to the iPhone 4′s antenna problems, and only impacts some configurations likely a defining factor in in the time lag. A few have described a decline in quality of approximately 10% per hour, and though as smartphone users we have been accustomed to the high charge consumption, this brings it to a whole new level.

Apple was kinda blamed in rushing to release iOS 5.0.1, which did not fixate the main battery issue but simply brought a few bugs. In any case, it is nice to see a more complete firmware.

iOS 5.0.2 :To Finally Fix Battery issues?

We realize that the iOS 5.0.1 isn't the solution for bugs, it just added a few new issues, leaving iPhone 4S users baffled.

According to a German blog Macerkopf, someone working in Apple’s iOS section disclosed to them that the battery issues has been totally solved, allowing for iPhone 4S users to savour the stated-in-manual 40 hrs of standby and 10 hrs of usage.

The blog as well claims that the update will be brought out no later than this week, so those of you who are still going through fast battery depletion, it appears you have just a few days to hold back. After the latest bungled ‘repair’, I guess we will wait for the release and end-user response before we announce it as ‘job-well-done’, though.

On the brightside, iOS 5.1 – which does not still give an ETA,  do hold a few exciting rumoured feature  the principal comprising of improvements to Siri. The voice identification software can acknowledge quite a couple more of commands than the fairly wide catalog it is already able of, so much as taking images and video recording, and the ability to initiate Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection.

It is significant to think of that the takes are just rumour, so once more, do not go pouring for the champagne. However, it keys an thrilling picture for the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 integrating, as whenever Apple projects to go on releasing updates for Siri every few months granting it to do a lot, the feedbacks are more likely to hasten up the advancement.

Friday, November 4, 2011

What we want to see in the iPad3

     The Apple iPad 3 has not been formally announced to be released and yet it is already one of the most desired gadgets around. After the success of the iPad 2 you might be thinking that it's gonna be a tough task to improve on the current iPad, and yet there are some things that we think that we would really like to see in the upcoming iPad 3.

Improved Display:
     The Retina Display that we saw in the iPhone4 is truly stunning, and although we can't predict if the next iPad is gonna have the same pixel density as the phone screen we are hoping for a big boost in the iPad3.
Less Shiny:
     A second improvement in the screen is that for apple to make it a little less shiny. In some conditions, the iPad can be more useful as a mirror than a screen. Although the company appears to have a bit of a fetish for polished finishes, we would like to see a less shiny display.

SD Card Slot:
     Considering how wonderful the iPad is in displaying photos, it seems to have a bit of a shame that it has no capability to slot in an SD card to make it easier to get them into the tablet. Obviously, having an SD card slot would boost the amount of memory we have and take to another step to as being a post PC device. 
     Thunderbolt is a new port found in Macbook Pros and brings a massive step in terms of high speed data transfers. It will be great to see the proprietary connector morph into a thunderbolt port. Although Apple would be reluctant to lose the income they generate from the licenses related to the dock connector.

Air Activation:
     Lastly we would like to cut the cords to our computers once and for all and have over-the-air activation. we would love for our iPad 3 to be a completely stand-alone device that we only plug into our computer out of choice and not as a necessity.

images from Google

Friday, October 28, 2011

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Tablet PC

There are lots of choices available in the world of tablets and it is best to consider all of your options. Here are the top 5 things to think about before buying a tablet.

How big do you want your tablet to be? There are many screen sizes available with 10 and 7 inches being the normal sizes. The screen size isn't the only dimension you need to think about, tablets vary in weight and thickness as well so be sure to check the physical attributes of any tablets before you buy.

The tablet market is still young, but even so there are already many major operating systems available for tablets than there are in our home computers. The main ones are Google Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry tablet OS, HP webOS and of course Microsoft Windows7. Each one offers a different user interface and compatability with many different application programs. So be sure to look into each one to see which will best suit your needs.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Smart things to consider in choosing the best Smartphone

It’s that time again when you realize that you have to upgrade your mobile phone but you don’t know which one to choose from among the hundreds of mobile phones out there.

Here are some ideas on choosing which phone is best suited for you.

The most important thing to consider in upgrading is how much you can afford to spent. In most cases you are going to be signing in a two year deal. So remember a free phone might seem tempting but if it cost 40$ a month that’s almost a thousand dollars over the period of the contract. You might also want to think about saving up and buying the phone outright and get a super cheap sim-only deal. It will save you a huge amount of cash overtime and you can have the freedom to upgrade whenever you want.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Here Comes The Ice Cream Sandwich

Google is about to launch a new Operating System to unify both tablet and mobile phone. This is the Ice Cream Sandwich. Google packed in tons of new features to keep Android on top of the smartphone market.

Ice Cream Sandwich  will be unveiled by Google at an event in Hong Kong in the 19th of October. It will probably be seen in the market along with the Google Nexus Prime in early November. The additional features of the new Operating System are pretty much exciting. Things like the phone or tablet acting as a USB hub so that you can hook up devices such as keyboards, mouse and even game controllers. A 3D headtracking for easy video calling with the front camera and a toll to let you know how much data each application is using.
Google wants this OS to run everywhere so it will have to support the specifications for a number of devices. However, expect multitasking tools for all smartphones to make it easier to manage your system resources and an expandable home screen widgets too.

Google has promised that new updates to its Operating System will be available to handsets for the first 18 months so its more likely that the top-of-the-line smartphones will be able to benefit from the new OS. This will hopefully end the fragmentation that has played android users since its launch and bring in a more unified approach from Google.

Friday, October 14, 2011

4Rs why to buy a 4S

I have read and watched many reviews regarding the latest smartphone from Apple - the iPhone4S.
And i find some very unique features in this phone that makes me wanna get one.

1. The Performance

It has the identical A5, dual core processor found in each of the latest tablets released by Apple.                 The iPhone 4S is twice as fast than its predecessor. Its graphics processor also got upgraded. The brand-new GPU is 7 times faster than the microchip inside the iPhone 4. This advancement will be most detectable in resource intensive applications and particularly in games. Anticipate for developers to begin utilising the A5 to create games with practically enhanced graphics and higher details. You may not experience any difference in normal games but it will come out in impressive result once you're playing High Definition games.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rest In Peace Steve Jobs..

As affirmed on Apple's web site, Mr. Steve Jobs has passed away at the age of 56 after recently resigning from the spot as chief executive officer and appointing Tim Cook his replacement. Mr. Jobs delivered a significant effect with the world of technology, both at Apple and through with his numerous extra endeavors. Our sentiments go out to his family.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Apple reveals the iPhone4S

the iPhone4S available in black & white
Apple gives birth to the next degree of smartphone with the launching of the iPhone 4S, loaded up with bundles of applications and lots of brand-new features. It has the latest A5 processor that is a Dual Core processor which provides graphics functioning capable of 7 times quicker than the it's predecessor --iPhone4's single-core A4 processor, and C.P.U. performance doubly as fast. The iPhone 4S holds the identical 3.5-inch 960-by-640 Retina display as with iPhone4, Gorilla glass on front and back for scratchproofing, and stainless steel banding. The iPhone4S camera improvesup to  8 megapixels, that is 60% pixels more than than that of  iPhone 4. Some other feature is its Noise Cancellation technology that provides a crystal clear voice transmission across very good networks. The iPhone4S is geared up for 3G networks and gets an easy connectivity picks for Wi-Fi hot spot, GPRS and EDGE.The improved features of the iPhone4S does not add up to the expense of the battery lifespan. Users will be able to expect 8 hrs of talk time with 3G, 14hrs on 2G, 6hrs of browsing in 3G, 9hrs of browsing on Wi-Fi, 10hrs of video playback, and 40hrs of music.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cut the Rope: Experiments

It has the equivalent extremely habit-forming and nonrational gameplay since the earlier version, only with a couple of add-ons and modification of the scene. Since the style hints of the game happening in a laboratory afterwards Om Nom gets pitched in his package to a crazy scientist. This really brings in a lot of feel than the 1st game, with the scientist experimenting unusual styles of getting the candy to Om Noms ready jaw.

The primary aim is all the same to cut the rope and swing over the tied candy downwards or upwards to Om Nom, whilst gathering every bit of the 3 stars as attainable. On that point, there are 3 chapters to go through. The 1st re-introduces you to what you acquired in the 1st game, including: primary ropes, bubbles, air pump, spikes, crawlers and pulley-blocks; whilst the separate 2 chapters centers on the fresh powers. There are 3 brand-new targets at your disposal: the 1st are springy platform which, when merge with rope, allows for you to spring your candy around the level and into stars; the following item is the gun, once squeezed it darts away a rope and grounds the candy; finally you get sucking cups, this are clastic rope anchors.

These 3 brand-new objectives are planned with a more gamey emphasis with reaction times in mind. With apiece calling for the right timing to catch the candy for Om Nom, not to mention grab some of the stars. The rope guns, particularly, call for exact timing when triggering, with a lot of the stages beginning with the candy already in middle drop.

In spite of these newly items and a legion of fresh stages, Cut the rope experiments experiences more alike an expansion pack to the former game, and does not impress things enough to become a true sequel.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fruit Ninja: How to Score Big in Arcade Mode

I got really addicted to Fruit Ninja, I spent hours just to beat the high-score my friend in the arcade mode. So I made some searches and applied the things I learned into the game. It’s really effective and I want to share the following tips:

1.       Bombs:
You have got only 60 seconds, so you can't waste your time striking bombs. Mostly in every case, you'll be able to miss the bomb yet still slice up the fruit, you have to plan when to slice the fruits without colliding with any bomb. Commonly the bombs won't fly as high as the fruits, and so when a fruit has reached it's peak, provided it is not cut across by a bomb, slice it immediately before it falls back down. You have to always stay confident when the bombs are away from the fruit slash every last of them until there's nothing left. Never leave fruits at the last stages, try to hit them while there in the air.

2.       Be aware of the time:
Keep composed and never rush yourself, always keep your mind of the time and also concentrate on the fruit flying in the air. You have just got a minute and every second is crucial, if you desire for the high-score, looking at the time will but make your brain more weary. You have got to keep on and not rush or hesitate in the dying seconds of the game.

 3.       Banana Bonus:
Bananas are the key to getting the best high-score, they are thrown from the sky and you must slice them just like any other fruit, but be quick, bananas become very hard to slice once they get to far down. Once again, a banana is not worth a bomb, and you've always got another chance, don't waste a minute of your time just to get another average score! If you can get the Bananas then each one has a specific playing point, which, if you play at your advantage, could get you tons' of score:

·         The Frozen Banana - The best thing about freeze is that it stops time, you have only got one minute, so any time you get is time needed to be spent. Once you have hit freeze the fruit will slow down, to the level where you can easily land combos. Bombs also get peculiarly slow when in freeze mode.This mode whirls nifty combos and a full 10 secs of no clock.

·         The Double-Points Banana - The swellest thing about this bonus is doubled points. This bonus does work well with any of the bananas as it just casts in the score. It is  good without the extra two bananas if your adept at capturing combos without frenzy or freeze. Double-points can not be tactical though the many combos you make the more score you will get and every combos are x4 so if you hit a 5 combo you will be making 20 score on the double points.

·         The Frenzy Banana - The frenzy can give you quite some score without taking much into account and simply slicing. If you get the frenzy bonus, you could be having yourself  more than 200 score in this mode. The thing you have got to remember is that while the frenzy is active there are no bombs. There's no point slashing all the fruits tossed at you, you have got to hold back until a great collection of fruit shoots in the middle of the screen,once you have got all of them in that location, slice them all and acquire one succulent combo, remember that combos always double your score, so a 9 combo will get you 18 points. If you get a double points banana with a frenzy banana you could be making a gracious  high-score. If you get it with a freeze banana and if you play the vantage of having them fly into the center then you could rack up over 400 score in one frenzy mode alone. It's all about how you play, you could get 10 on frenzy mode or up to, and over - 500 points all in just 15 seconds.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to Flash a customized ROM to your Android powered device

Prior to taking you about how to Flash a custom-made ROM to your Android powered device here are a few frequently asked questions:


Flashing  implies re-writing the device's operating system (OS ie. Windows) to a flashable ROM (Read-Only-Memory). Flashable signifies, though it's known as a read-only memory (ROM) it's doable to write into it in particular instances such as while upgrading or installing the OS. A complete flash does wipe out all of your settings and stored data, nonetheless a master technician or at the least a knowledgeable phone geek would recognise how to decently backup and restore all your data and occasionally even your settings and orientations. The OS comes up as what's known as a monster bundle for regular cellphones, or a ROM image for PDA/Smart phones. The phone technician usually have a software system that permits them to access your phone at computer hardware level thru USB cable in order that the OS can be written to the phone's ROM.

What is ROOT?

Rooting, simply is earning full permits to execute whatever you would like to the phone. In that case, we require to undergo root access and set up a brand-new recovery console that grants backup and replacement of a ROM. It is as though acquiring an Administrator exclusive right on Windows OS.

What is ROM?

Read Only Memory. A ROM is an image of the device’s OS. There are heaps of recognised customized ROMs out there like CyanogenMod, MoDaCo, Bionix etc.

What is ClockworkMOD/ROM Manager?

Clockworkmod is an application program with a really friendly user interface (UI) that permits root users to do different things. The 1st and most significant would be flashing a recovery image. On these you will be able to make a nandroid backup of your actual ROM should something you perform wrecks or brick your phone. This would be executed through with the recovery menu. You will be able to get down on that point by clockworkmod or just power off the phone then push both volume keys whilst pressing the power button.

What is .APK?

.APK file extension refers to an Android Package (APK) file. This file format is applied for the distribution and installation of packed components onto the Android mobile device platform.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rumors and Facts: the Roadmap to iPhone 5

According to one of the latest rumors, Apple is expected to hold a press event to unveil its next-generation smartphone "the iPhone 5" in the next coming weeks.  Well, Sprint a local provider, pretty much gave the date of the release, because they have cancelled store employee vacation for the first two weeks of October.
We have seen many claims for the case design of iPhone5. but all of them only shows the back of the device. No one has a clue what front of the device looks like. The designers used these iPhone5 leaked cases as their pattern to what the device will look like. it shows a tapered design and a notably thinner body.