Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hacker: Developed a Siri Proxy Server to Add Applications Easily

You may have heard about the news that Applidium can crack Siri’s security so that you may be able to port Siri on any non-iPhone 4S device, that well includes Android powered devices. This hack also grants developers to create their own functionality and include Siri within it.

Cheers to Applidium, a hacker gave rise to a proxy server for Siri and called it Siri Proxy (thru iPhoneHacks). He states that the idea behind the server is to make it simple for developers to add up unlimited functions or applications to Siri.

The cyberpunk, called "plamoni" on Twitter, brought out the source code of the Siri Proxy including the directions on how to set it up on the coding web site GitHub.

Furthermore, he demoed a plugin he made with customized handles that permits him to operate his thermostat by his iPhone. Instructions so much as ”What’s the condition of the thermostat?”, “Adjust the thermostat to 68 degrees”, or “What’s the inner temperature?” as shown in the video.

Take note that this hack does not require a jailbroken device and also this will not allow you to port Siri on any other devices. It only allows you to add your personal functions to Siri.

via pandaapp