Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rumors and Facts: the Roadmap to iPhone 5

According to one of the latest rumors, Apple is expected to hold a press event to unveil its next-generation smartphone "the iPhone 5" in the next coming weeks.  Well, Sprint a local provider, pretty much gave the date of the release, because they have cancelled store employee vacation for the first two weeks of October.
We have seen many claims for the case design of iPhone5. but all of them only shows the back of the device. No one has a clue what front of the device looks like. The designers used these iPhone5 leaked cases as their pattern to what the device will look like. it shows a tapered design and a notably thinner body.

The device's release date has been the focus of much anticipation on the web lately, with many more reports fluctuating between September and October as possible time frames for the launch. At the beginning of this month, All Things Digital said the next generation iPhone would come out in October.
In the past, newer versions of the iPhone have typically been released during Apple's summer Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).